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Place of publication has been omitted. Studies these center mainly on the premodern period rather than on haiku generally, for which the bibliography would now be quite long; again, it should be kept in mind that studies and translations are not always easily distinguished from each other. It takes a large store of patience to wade through hundreds of sites simply for the pleasure of reading perhaps a half dozen translations on any one page. Information about Buson and Issa is, of course, much harder to come by, and even when available it is not normally very detailed two or three notable exceptions appear below.

For a convenient list of online haiku sites, see the Raysweb website.

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Contemporary Haibun Online. Although devoted primarily to publishing English-language haibun, this quarterly journal does have a number of essays and interviews that are listed on this page. An online seasonal almanac categorizing many of the "season words" kigo used in haiku poetry. The page was edited by William J. Higginson and forms a part of the larger Renku Home site. Part of the Renku Home site, which also contains other material written primarily by Higginson, although the site has not been updated for over 10 years.

Haiku of Kobayashi Issa. A site relocated from its original location in cyberspace because of Hurricane Katrina managed by David G. The site offers a searchable archive of 7, of Issa's haiku, each dated and accompanied by romanized versions of the Japanese. An "advanced search" function also provides access to an archive of comments on the haiku. A section called " About Issa " contains relatively detailed biographical information; there is also a short introduction to haiku generally and a students' section meant to acquaint learners with basic principles and practices.

An online quarterly published between and that dealt with tanka, renku, senryu, haibun, and haiga as well as haiku. In addition to original compositions in English, the site also carried essays, interviews, and book reviews, all of which are still accessible through the site's archives.

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The World Haiku Review. The magazine underwent a facelift in , and the archives for the period are offered on a separate blog-like site.

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The days and months are the wayfarers of eternity, as are the constantly passing years. Furthermore, no other authors would be hungry to take credit for the poem if none of them wrote it!

However, did Rolf really write it? Things may not be entirely simple. Even that website name might give pause for concern. Was the poem by proxy too, and not really his, even though the design was? A haiku is one of the most simple forms of poetry. It is a Japanese style poem comprised of 3 lines consisting of 5 syllables, then 7, then 5 again and is oft about nature.

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At the end of a 6 week study on the forms of poetry back in high school english class, I got a little tired of following all of the conventions and took a little creative license. Little did I know that it would work so well on a t-shirt. I have since seen this copy translated to Japanese written even on bathroom stalls.

We can be more forgiving here, but the issues are still serious.

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However, in those cases, the audience was fully expected to know the original source, and the original source is typically only hinted at rather than copied wholesale as in the first two lines here. Could we consider this poem to be a parody or allusion, and thus not plagiarism? On 10 November , I was sitting in the audience of Moore Theatre in Seattle, listening to a reading of selected winners from the — Poetry on Buses program I had had one of my poems selected too. It got a great laugh, as anyone would expect.

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/besyzasa/ver-mujeres-solteras-en.php But not from me. The poem had apparently also been made into a bus placard to be featured on King County metro buses in —15, but I understand that the placard was removed, or was never added to any bus. These traits are surely part of why the poem has become an Internet meme. Although the poet may sometimes be forgotten, the poem itself remains memorable.

So again, I would suspect this to be a case of cryptomnesia. How it came about I cannot begin to guess except that maybe Shannon Juengling once saw the T-shirt? On 21 December , the Louisville, Kentucky newspaper, The Courier-Journal , posted the following correction to an earlier story:. In fact, you can buy T-shirts with it on them.

Our apology:. I think we can forgive fifth-graders and ninth-graders for such mistakes, and even adults. Well, maybe once. This is not the end of the world here, although these indiscretions should still be recognized as plagiarism. However, we also still hope these voices to be original. Boynton Poetry Committee Chair, Rachel Mehl, saying that the committee had decided not to pull the poem from their list of winners, but would discuss the situation with the student.

If it had been an adult, I would have recommended pulling the poem, but because this is a young person, your decision is a kind and compassionate compromise. Note: I should mention that I myself have taught haiku at the high school attended by the Whatcom County ninth-grader. I did that as a poetry-in-the-schools teacher sponsored by the Skagit River Poetry Festival, at which I was a featured poet. I did my teaching at several area schools in April and May of , so this was long before the student in question would have been in attendance, and it was for a class with a different teacher than the one this student would later have.

Another Postscript 29 April : At what point does allusion become plagiarism? Stanley, illustrated by Eugene Ruble St.

Dusky Haiku - Nature Diary 066

Is this really an allusion to what the author might understand is a well-known poem? When reading the poem in the book, however, most readers would understandably presume this poem to be by Sharon P. To me, that feels like plagiarism. Is this an infringement on the original poem by Rolf Nelson? The availability of these T-shirts, apparently without any infringement claims from Rolf Nelson, might suggest that Rolf did not actually write the original poem after all, but just posted the original T-shirt design to Threadless.

Kern London: Penguin, It fails to recognize Rolf Nelson as the apparently original author, but the point of quoting it is to underscore how the poem conveys a common public perception—that haiku poems seem inscrutable. This does not explain, however, why so many people would pass the poem off as their own, or pass it off as being by Anonymous, thus feeling free to revise it in their own plagiaristic versions. I still have no evidence that it is by anyone other than Rolf Nelson, but nor am I absolutely sure either. Surely this little beast is elsewhere too, wildly roaming the Internet plains.

This poem has become a meme, obviously, and long ago left the confines of its original authorship.

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  • Variations might be seen as homages or allusions to the original, but some versions, if not sufficiently different from the original, might still be considered as plagiarisms—even if the original were anonymous. The poem will surely continue to spawn no end of variations, such as the following one, available as a bumper sticker on Zazzle :.

    Short poems and verses also have a tendency to be written unknowingly by different people. Like Like. One has to move away from the obvious and easy in order to write freshly. To write about running out of syllables in a haiku has been done to death. As for the case presented in this blog post, though, the issue is surely not independent creation.

    I just found this article through a referral to my website. Thanks so much for going into so much detail.