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I swear, I would have been a nervous wreck writing this. I couldn't even write my own book after reading this. As it was I didn't go to sleep til 4 am. I felt like a zombie and my face hurt. But I'm warning you A box of tissues is needed.

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Okay, I've said all I can now. My eyes are getting teary again. It was written only in Chase's POV. How can I forget that?? I have never read a book that is written only from the guy's head-except I am Number Four. But they are so completely different so it doesn't count.

I loved seeing life and love in his eyes. It made the experiences much more intense and real. And yes, the ending was bittersweet! View all 57 comments. First of all, let me say that I was so scared of reading this because of all the reviews Part One - I can handle. But when I got to Part Two, I just can't.

I knew something was gonna happen because my breathing's erratic and my heart's racing I'm not exaggerating. It amazed me what this book did to me. View 2 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Wow, so I did not see the ending coming at all! I'm in shock. I can't say I love it. I loved Chase and Nikki's relationship. I loved how much he loved her pretty much from the start. I loved how she always knew the right things to say to him when he was upset.

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I loved how perfect they were together. I did not love the ending. Like I said, I did not see it coming. I'm glad Chase was finally able to cope with his grief. But I hate how he had to get to that point. With that being said though, I migh Wow, so I did not see the ending coming at all!

With that being said though, I might have been okay with the way the story ended except for one thing. I didn't like the whole Brittany story line. I didn't like Brittany from the start. I hated how they flirted with each other when Chase was with Nikki.

One time I remember specifically, was when they were all walking into the school together, Chase was holding Nikki's hand and smiled flirtatiously at Brittany.

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That made me mad. Then at Nikki's funeral, Brittany being all "supportive. Telling him she was there if he ever needed her. Then in the end, you find out he married her?! Ugh no way. I'm glad he was able to move on, I'm glad he was able to get on with his life, but I didn't like that he moved on with Brittany. Because I didn't like his relationship with her from the start. She felt too much like competition for Nikki. That whole ending left a bad taste in my mouth. I think he should have met someone else at college, OR his relationship with Brittany should have been less flirty throughout the book.

If she were more like Tana, just an acquaintance that he ended up marrying I would have been much happier with that.

Blah,I realize that I'm focusing on a very minor part of the story, but it just really ruined the whole story for me. It's terrible to say this, but Nikki dying didn't ruin it for me, the fact that he ended up with Brittany did.

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I just read a bunch of reviews and I'm so surprised that I only found 1 reviewer that was upset by the Brittany thing. Did their relationship throughout the book not bother anyone else? What the heck? View all 15 comments. The story was sweet, sad and emotional. I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I was all over the place.


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This is the story of Chase and Nikki Everyone thought I was the troublemaker, the bad boy, the punk. I was just broken. He is a star football player, he got an awesome truck from his dad, and he is having a party. After the loss of his father, Chase has trouble coping. He turns to alcohol and drugs. Chase is starting at a new school and making new friends. He meets Nikki Nikki is a cheerleader who just got out of a bad relationship with a foot ball player and the last thing she wants is to date another guy cut from the same cloth.

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Chase is persistent in chasing Nikki. While attending his community service, he runs into Nikki. She sees a different side of Chase and decides to give him a chance. Chase and Nikki have a beautiful relationship. Their families get along, Chase is making positive changes in his life.

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